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SS = Stainless Steel
RR = Rust Resistant
PAI = Price After Inspection
NLG Prefix Nu-Line Guns
USR Prefix U.S Repeating Arms
REM Prefix Remington
MAR Prefix Marlin
U Suffix: Used
> Suffix: Quantity Pricing Available
? = Price Includes Core Charge
* = Sold with the understanding that this part will be installed and fit by a qualified gunsmith
** = Factory installation only
*** = Customer fitting required
**** = Nu-Line installation only
***** = FFL required - Gun transfers (Frames, Receivers, Guns)
****** = Sold to Gunsmith only - FFL required
Note: Refundable only if old part is rebuildable and is returned prepaid to us with a copy of the invoice
Note: Price quote for parts, does not include labor, taxes, handling, insurance or shipping

MODEL 100 Forearm Screw Carbine NOW AVAILABLE

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Please Select a Model 37 Part (83 total):

Part NumberNotesNamePrice
USR237 Barrel 12GA 30" Full Choke 2 3/4 Shell 
USR1037 Barrel 410GA Bore 26" Full Choke 3" Shell 
USR1637 Buttplate Hard Rubber 
USR1737 Buttplate Screws (2) Each 
USR1437 Buttstock Bolt $9.95
USR1537Image Available Buttstock Bolt Washer- Original$1.95
USR1137 Buttstock Complete 12 and 16GA 
USR1237 Buttstock Complete 20 and 28GA 
USR1337*** Buttstock Complete 410GA Bore - Replacement 
USR2037 Cocking Lever Pin 12 and 16GA$4.95
USR2137 Cocking Lever Pin 20 and 28GA 410 Bore$4.95
USR1837-1-UImage Available Cocking Lever-(Hammer) 12-410 - 1st Style - Thin Thumb Piece .270 Wide Original $49.95
USR1837-3Image Available Cocking Lever-(Hammer) 2nd Style Thick Spur Inverted$49.95
USR2237*Image Available Extractor 12GA$29.95
USR2337*Image Available Extractor 16GA$29.95
USR2437*Image Available Extractor 20GA$29.95
USR2537*Image Available Extractor 28GA$29.95
USR2737Image Available Extractor Guide $29.95
USR3437*Image Available Extractor Sear $29.95
USR3537Image Available Extractor Sear Pin 12 and 16GA$3.95
USR3637 Extractor Sear Pin 20 and 28GA$3.95
USR3737 Extractor Sear Pin 410 Bore$3.95
NLG3837Image Available Extractor Spring $9.95
USR3037Image Available Extractror Guide Pin Rear 
NLG4037A-2Image Available Firing Pin Complete 12-410 2nd Style w/Taper$49.95
USR4137Image Available Firing Pin Connecting Pin$2.95
NLG4237Image Available Firing Pin Spring All Gauges$9.95
USR4337 Firing Pin Spring Pin$2.95
USR4437Image Available Firing Pin Spring Stop Screw$9.95
NLG4537A*** Forearm Complete 12 and 16GA - No finish on Wood$179.95
NLG4637A***Image Available Forearm Complete 20 and 28GA - No finish on Wood$179.95
NLG4737A***Image Available Forearm Complete 410 Bore - No finish on Wood$179.95
USR4837Image Available Forearm Escutcheon $9.95
NLG4937Image Available Forearm Escutcheon Screw$9.95
NLG4537*** Forearm Only With Escutcheon 12 and 16GA$79.95
NLG4637***Image Available Forearm Only With Escutcheon 20 and 28GA$79.95
NLG4737***Image Available Forearm Only With Escutcheon 410 Bore$79.95
NLG5037A***Image Available Forearm Shoe Complete 12 and 16GA$129.95
NLG5137A***Image Available Forearm Shoe Complete 20 and 28GA$129.95
NLG5237A***Image Available Forearm Shoe Complete 410 Bore$129.95
NLG5337Image Available Forearm Shoe Liner 12-16$9.95
NLG5537Image Available Forearm Shoe Liner 410$9.95
NLG5037Image Available Forearm Shoe Only 12-16 Gauge$59.95
NLG5137Image Available Forearm Shoe Only 20-28 Gauge$59.95
NLG5237Image Available Forearm Shoe Only 410 Gauge$59.95
NLG5637A***Image Available Forearm Shoe Retainer Complete$69.95
NLG5637***Image Available Forearm Shoe Retainer Only$49.95
NLG5737Image Available Forearm Shoe Retainer Plunger$9.95
NLG5837Image Available Forearm Shoe Retainer Plunger Pin$3.95
NLG5937Image Available Forearm Shoe Retainer Plunger Spring$3.95
NLG5537AImage Available Forearm Shoe Shim All Gauges$3.95
NLG6037Image Available Forearm Shoe Stud$9.95
USR6137 Frame 12 and 16 GA 
USR6237 Frame 20 and 28 GA 
USR6337 Frame 410 Bore 
USR6137A Frame Complete 12 and 16 GA$125.00
USR6237A Frame Complete 20 and 28 GA 
USR6337A Frame Complete 410 Bore 
USR8337*** Front Sight 81A$7.95
USR6437Image Available Lock 12 and 16 GA$24.95
USR6537Image Available Lock 20 and 28 GA 
USR6637 Lock 410 Bore 
USR6737Image Available Lock Pin 12 and 16 GA$4.95
USR6837Image Available Lock Pin 20 and 28 GA$4.95
USR6937Image Available Lock Pin 410 Bore$4.95
USR7037Image Available Lock Spring $4.95
USR7137AImage Available Lock Spring Guide Rod Stop Pin $9.95
USR7137BImage Available Lock Spring Guide Rod Style 2nd Style $9.95
USR7237B Top Lever 12 and 16 2nd Style None Pigtail$39.95
USR7237-1Image Available Top Lever 12 and 16 GA 1st Style Pigtail - SOLD OUT 
USR7337 Top Lever 20 and 28 GA$3.95
USR7437 Top Lever 410 Bore$49.95
USR7537Image Available Top Lever Retainer $9.95
USR7537AImage Available Top Lever Retainer Screw 12-16-10-28 GA$4.95
USR7637 Top Lever Retainer Screw 410 Bore 
USR7737-2-U*Image Available Trigger 2nd Style$19.95
USR7737A-3*Image Available Trigger 3rd Style$19.00
USR7937 Trigger Guard$19.95
USR8037Image Available Trigger Guard Screw Front or Rear$2.95
USR8137Image Available Trigger Pin 12 and 16 GA 
USR8237 Trigger Pin 20 and 28 GA 
USR8237AImage Available Trigger Spring $2.95
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