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*** = Customer fitting required
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***** = FFL required - Gun transfers (Frames, Receivers, Guns)
****** = Sold to Gunsmith only - FFL required
Note: Refundable only if old part is rebuildable and is returned prepaid to us with a copy of the invoice
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Forearm Screw Model 100 Carbine
Return Spring Guide - New Model 190/290

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Winchester Gun Parts Models: 37A 370 840 Shotgun Parts

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Please Select a Models: 37A 370 840 Part (47 total):

Part NumberNotesNamePrice
USR1073Image Available Butt Plate Screws$4.95
USR6873AImage Available Buttstock 12-410 Gauge Model 37A Youth With Pad$69.95
USR1373Image Available Buttstock Bolt Washer$3.95
USR1173Image Available Buttstock Bolt>$4.95
USR1473***Image Available Extractor 12 Gauge$14.95
USR1573***Image Available Extractor 16 Gauge$14.95
USR1673***Image Available Extractor 20 Gauge$14.95
USR1773***Image Available Extractor 28 Gauge$14.95
USR1873***Image Available Extractor 410$14.95
USR1973 Extractor Pin>$4.95
USR5173***Image Available Extractor Sear>$14.95
USR2173Image Available Extractor Spring Plunger$4.95
USR2073Image Available Extractor Spring>$4.95
USR2273Image Available Firing Pin All Gauges>$9.95
USR2373Image Available Firing Pin Retainer Screw$4.95
USR7473A***Image Available Forearm Catch Plate Assembly- Coil spring type>$34.95
USR2773***Image Available Forearm Catch Plate Assembly- Flat spring type>$24.95
USR2973Image Available Forearm Catch Plate Screw>$4.95
USR7973AImage Available Forearm Retainer Bracket Pin>$4.95
USR8073A***Image Available Forearm Retainer Bracket Spring>$2.95
USR7873A***Image Available Forearm Retainer Bracket>$4.95
USR7673AImage Available Forearm Retainer Rod>$4.95
USR7773AImage Available Forearm Retainer Spring>$4.95
USR7573A***Image Available Forearm Retainer>$4.95
NLG3373Image Available Forearm Spacer 12ga-28ga$14.95
USR3473Image Available Forearm Spacer Screw>$4.95
USR4473Image Available Hammer Spring Assembly>$14.95
USR4673Image Available Hammer Spring Plunger Bushing>$4.95
USR4573Image Available Hammer Spring Plunger>$4.95
USR4373Image Available Hammer Spring>$4.95
USR4273Image Available Hammer/Locking Bolt Pin>$4.95
USR4173***Image Available Hammer>$19.95
USR4773Image Available Locking Bolt Connecting Rod>$9.95
USR5073Image Available Locking Bolt Plunger Spring>$4.95
USR4973Image Available Locking Bolt Plunger>$4.95
USR8273A***Image Available Pistol Grip Cap Spacer>$4.95
USR5273Image Available Sear Pin>$2.95
USR5673Image Available Top Lever Plunger Spring>$4.95
USR5573Image Available Top Lever Plunger>$4.95
USR5473Image Available Top Lever>$19.95
USR5973 Trigger Guard Screw>$5.95
USR5873***Image Available Trigger Guard>$14.95
USR6073Image Available Trigger Pin>$4.95
USR6173Image Available Trigger Spring>$4.95
USR5773***Image Available Trigger>$14.95
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