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SS = Stainless Steel
RR = Rust Resistant
PAI = Price After Inspection
NLG Prefix Nu-Line Guns
USR Prefix U.S Repeating Arms
REM Prefix Remington
MAR Prefix Marlin
U Suffix: Used
> Suffix: Quantity Pricing Available
? = Price Includes Core Charge
* = Sold with the understanding that this part will be installed and fit by a qualified gunsmith
** = Factory installation only
*** = Customer fitting required
**** = Nu-Line installation only
***** = FFL required - Gun transfers (Frames, Receivers, Guns)
****** = Sold to Gunsmith only - FFL required
Note: Refundable only if old part is rebuildable and is returned prepaid to us with a copy of the invoice
Note: Price quote for parts, does not include labor, taxes, handling, insurance or shipping

Forearm Screw Model 100 Carbine
Return Spring Guide - New Model 190/290

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Winchester Gun Parts Models: 120 1200 1300
140-1400-1500 Shotgun Parts

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Please Select a Models: 120 1200 1300
140-1400-1500 Part (54 total):

Part NumberNotesNamePrice
NLG4714Image Available VALVE CAP ASSEMBLY$59.95
USR3220*** Breech Bolt Slide$39.95
USR77102*** Breech Bolt Slide$39.95
USR4831*** Breech Bolt Slide$39.95
USR2014*** Breech Bolt Slide$39.95
USR5714*** Breech Bolt Slide$39.95
USR12102*** Breech Bolt Slide - 12GA$49.95
Buttstocks 120 - 1500 
USR16102Image Available Cam Pin $9.95
USR207103Image Available CARRIER PLUNGER$4.95
NLG10811KIT***Image Available Carrier Release Kit 1400 Metal$49.95
USR11011Image Available CARRIER RELEASE PIN$1.95
USR13211Image Available Carrier Release Spring$2.95
USR208103Image Available Carrier Spring $2.95
USR11111Image Available Carrier Support Spring$9.95
USR2614Image Available Disconnector assembly$19.95
USR377103Image Available Disconnector Assembly$14.95
USR21102Image Available Disconnector Spring $3.95
USR2714Image Available Ejector - Pin type retainer 2 3/4" chamber $24.95
USR23102Image Available Ejector Retaining Pin$2.95
USR24102Image Available Extractor RH $34.95
USR78102Image Available Extractor RH 20 Ga.$34.95
USR27102***Image Available Firing Pin Collar$4.95
USR29102NSImage Available Forearm 12 to 20ga. Field grade $79.95
USR11311Image Available FOREARM TRAP AND SKEET $89.95
USR30102Image Available HAMMER$10.95
USR32102Image Available HAMMER PIN$4.95
USR34102Image Available Magazine Cap Gold Plated$19.95
USR35102Image Available Magazine Cap Retainer and Spring$2.95
USR6014Image Available Magazine follower 20 ga$14.95
NLG16212SSImage Available Magazine Spring STAINLESS STEEL$14.95
USR44102Image Available Magazine Spring Retainer$9.95
NLG11711Image Available MAGAZINE THROAT 12 GAUGE - ONE PIECE$49.95
USR11811Image Available Magazine Throat 16 Ga. - One Piece$39.95
USR79102Image Available Magazine Throat Lower 20 Ga. - Win 1300$14.95
USR46102NSImage Available Pistol Grip Cap Insert 1" Red "W" medium$14.95
USR3714Image Available Piston Pin 12ga$4.95
USR325T & 9653Image Available REAR SIGHT AND ELEVATOR$19.95
USR2C***Image Available Rear Sight Elevator thin .070$9.95
USR32C & 2CImage Available REAR SIGHT WITH ELEVATOR$24.95
USR215103***Image Available Recoil Pad 12-28 Ga. Red$39.95
USR205103Image Available Recoil Pad Spacer Trap$4.95
USR49102 Safety $14.95
USR150103Image Available Sear Assembly$19.95
USR325TImage Available Sight Rear (105T/195T$14.95
USR2514Image Available Slide Arm Bridge Retaining Screw$4.95
USR54102Image Available Slide Arm Cap with Ring $24.95
USR55102NSImage Available Slide Arm Extension Complete 6 1/4" Tube w/new style cap$49.95
USR104102-0Image Available SPACER RING $4.95
USR15102Image Available Stock Bolt/Recoil Block Washer$2.95
USR66102Image Available TRIGGER GUARD PIN$4.95
USR67102Image Available TRIGGER PIN$4.95
USR62102Image Available TRIGGER STOP PIN SCREW$2.95
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