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Forearm Screw Model 100 Carbine
Return Spring Guide - New Model 190/290

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Firing Pin Kit - 3rd Style CALL FOR AVAILIBILITY

Includes Part # OLI1491ND
G-78A Winchester Product Safety Request

We still perform the product safety work of replacing the firing pin kit in your Winchester Model 100. The gun owner pays the shipping and insurance cost to send the gun to Nu-Line Guns. We will then perform a safety inspection, replace the firing pin, test fire, and return the rifle to you. Winchester will pay for all of the above including return handling, shipping and insurance of the rifle back to you with an adult signature required.
If the rifle does not pass the safety inspection, Winchester will not allow us to install the firing pin; they do not want another law suit. We will still furnish you with another firing pin and written explanation of the safety problem, and an estimate of the cost to put the gun back in safe condition. This service will be done at no charge to you.
We suggest that while your rifle is in our shop that we perform an in-depth inspection of the mechanical condition on the internal parts in the gun.
We use our 4 page 99 point inspection which includes inspecting of the springs, extractors, ejectors, breech bolt, gas system for leaks, and the gas cylinder retainer, including internal rust and chamber inspection. We use our 99 point check list, which we have developed after repairing over 25,000 of these Model 100s.
Send the complete gun because we will be test firing. Please do not send the scope, scope mounts, or sling. Use UPS to ship your gun by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS and insure it for at least $600.00.
We suggest you box up the gun in a hard case or two cardboard boxes, with 2 layers of 200 lb test cardboard between the gun and the outside of the box. Be sure to put plenty of inner packing in the box. We suggest you use bubble wrap, not newspaper or popcorn. Also include a note with the problem you are having, and your name, address, and telephone number.

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